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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Chris does New Zealand

Yesterday was karaoke night again, but with less success than last time. We got there a bit later, since I got off of work later, but we still successfully sang a couple of songs, including the must-do duet of "Love Shack" by my sister and I. I sang 2Pac's "California Love" much to the snickering of the audience, which was fine with me, because I nailed it, and I wore a yellow tennis hat with an enormous bill while doing it. Karaoke, in general, is most certainly more showmanship than technical prowess. There were some truly good big fat Maori guys that sang the first time I went to this place to do karaoke, but was anyone paying attention? Was anyone dancing? That's a negatory, good buddy.

Also, I met a girl that could potentially be interesting. I was this close (a small space between my thumb and forefinger)to asking her for her number, but then she approached me and asked me if I would be there next Wednesday, to which I said yes. I suppose I could have gone for it and just asked her her number anyway, or asked what she was doing tomorrow (New Year's Eve). Instead, in what has come to be known as my true form, I pussed out and made what I thought was a charming comment and walked back to the car in the rain without her number in my pocket.

I woke up this morning much earlier than usual in order to help my boss organize some stuff in the "lock-up" which really means "storage unit." Instead of doing that, we put together a shelf, put a bunch of random stuff on it, loaded eighteen kegs of beer into the "chiller" (which really means "cooler), and ate a "meat pie" (which really means "beef pot pie without the vegetables"). I'm supposed to go to the gym later today, but I'm kind of tired at the moment. I'm supposed to do some looking into several albums including but not limited to music by Average White Band, Tower of Power, and Elton John's "Tumbleweed Connection", which will help me gain a more vast knowledge of pop music, but won't help sculpt my muscles into the form of a Greek God.