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Thursday, December 30, 2004

KB2= A Measure of taste

It's about 3 AM, and I'm having a hell of a time getting the links fixed, although I did get the image on the homepage working. For some stupid reason it'll update the index/homepage quckly, but the other pages apparently take longer to upload. The most important thing to me at this point is that the porn page get uploaded, since it's the fullest page so far. Since I have virtually no knowledge of web design or HTML, I'm learning as I go along, which isn't conducive to getting things done quickly or efficiently.

I wanted to leave work every five minutes today to come home and write notes on the biography and work on the site. We have a relatively new manager, who has it together a lot more than the owner does, in that she has some background in the industry, and is working on taking inventory, minimizing extra labor hours (which isn't good for us, but at least she (appears) to know what she's doing), etc. So now every Monday we have to take inventory, which seems unnecessary to me, and we have to count every bottle of booze, every glass, every soda bottle (they don't use the more efficient and only slightly less tasty gun), and every keg.

On a positive note, my sister and I bought each other Christmas presents, which was really nice. I bought her a bunch of clothes, which she seemed happy with. She bought me The Clash's "London Calling" re-release, which I really wanted. She also bought me a fake moustache and a box of Cadburry's chocolate, which I ate all of today. We also finished watching The Godfather II yesterday, which of course, ruled. We have to start the third one tomorrow, which will not rule nearly as much (update, 12/30/2004: see my review of the movie here).