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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Can I get some help from the maestro please?

After Ben's reccomendation, I'm going to start using for the "blog" section of I sent e-mails proposing interviews to a few of my favorite adult performers, and actually heard back from a couple of them today, which is definitely exciting.

Speaking of the site, I got quite a few things done on it today, adding "The Incredibles" review, as well as an updated review of "Garden State", and fixing the Meta tags, which I had done incorrectly originally.

A few thoughts on what I'm doing here, halfway across the world from home: I have no idea at the moment. I definitely don't regret doing what I'm doing, and I'm trying my best to take advantage of the experience, but it's true that all I want to do is work on the projects that I've started for myself. It's almost as if my brain won't let my body do what I thought it was supposed to be doing (which, I suppose is traveling, meeting people, and wasting time not being productive) while I'm on this trip. I just don't have any interest in going out with a bunch of slobs I don't know or care for and drinking. I'd rather run home and write, read, take notes, and research. How strange is it that I've started two huge projects while I'm traveling around the world and at my most inconvenient for doing either one of them?

At any rate, there's nothing new going on other than that. I'd like to get to learn more about reviewing music, and read some more analysis on the subject, and examples of what's good and bad.