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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Keep On Truckin'

From The New York Times:

At just over nine feet high, the 7300 CXT, which went on sale in September, weighs about seven tons unloaded, more than twice the weight of the Hummer H2 and equivalent to about five MINI Coopers. The CXT can tow a 20-ton boat and carry another six tons of cargo in the truck bed. Because it rides at the height of an 18-wheeler, drivers will spend most of their time looking at the tops of cars.

The price starts at about $90,000, but fully equipped - with, as Maxim magazine recently put it, "more leather than Mick Jagger's closet"- it can cost as much as $120,000. Options include an automatically tiltable truck bed, DVD and satellite-radio players and walnut trim.

It's about time. I mean, honestly, I felt ashamed that the biggest car that famous people could drive wasn't any bigger than say, Jon Brower Minnoch. Finally they're getting a truck that suits their celebrity-sized needs.

I can't tell you how many times I was frustrated with the miniscule stature of my Hummer H2. I mean, if you try to drive the thing over anything bigger than a small house, it just won't do it. The stupid thing doesn't even have machine guns.

I'll tell you the best part about my new car (I'm getting one ASAP)1:

Fuel mileage of the CXT? From 7 to 10 miles to the gallon, despite its diesel engine, which uses less fuel than a regular gas engine. International is not required to report a specific mileage figure because under the United States' fuel economy regulations, the heaviest sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks are exempt from mileage requirements, although they are still subject to emissions rules.

I love corn nuts. In the past, it's really been troublesome because I'd have to make extra trips to the gas station to pick some up, even when I didn't need gas (thanks to my damn fuel-efficient H2). When I get my CXT, I'll have an excuse to make more trips to the gas station, which means more corn nuts for me, and that's great--because I just discovered they come in ranch flavor.

1From the same NY Times article.