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Friday, January 07, 2005

Music is my radar

There's a few things that I can't stand at the moment:

1. IM/text messaging slang - "wut r u up 2?" "OMG i cnt blv it!" "hey ppl im gng out 2mrw" Abbreviations exist for a reason, but when you must use "2" in place of "to" when spelling the word "tomorrow", it's simply a case of laziness. It's difficult to read and it sounds ignorant. What's even more bothersome about this trend is that people have began using it in their everyday writing: in their blogs, their e-mails, and even in handwritten notes and letters. I'm looking forward to the day that kids who use this use the language on the cover letter of their resume: "lkng 4 job n fshn dsgn. wnt 2 skool 4 4 yrs. WTF hire me".
2. People who mistake cynicism for wisdom - A lot of kids I went to school with suffered from this debilitating illness. It's easy to be cynical and sarcastic about the events of the world, about the current status of pop music, about politics, about the president, about the opposite sex, about your place in the world, about anything. However, just because you're fed up with the radio doesn't mean everything on it is bad. I'm no advocate for ClearChannel, but it simply isn't true that it's all bad, just as it isn't true that all guys are assholes, that nothing good every happens in politics, or that nobody will ever recognize your genius, and therefore you should just give up. Just because you're sick and tired of things doesn't mean you're experienced. It doesn't mean you know what you're talking about, and it doesn't mean you can tell the difference between good and bad.
3. Those damn kids who won't get out of my lane at the pool I swim laps at - It's summertime in New Zealand, and the kids are out of school. I understand that they need a place to go, and I further understand that the pool offers certain hours for lap swimming. However, they generally offer at least one lane that should be munchkin-free specifically for lap swimming. They're constantly chasing each other all around the pool and entering my path, which forces me to stop and pretend like I'm not annoyed until they move because the lifeguard is watching me and doesn't like it when I drown the kids.
4. George Harrison's lame cover on the 2000 re-release of All Things Must Pass - The album itself sounds just as good (with the exception of the re-mix of the lush and beautiful "My Sweet Lord"), but he went and changed the cover just enough to be polemic and corny. The cover now features George in the grass with some gnome statues, but there's a huge smokey power plant in the background, instead of the usual empty sky. In the liner notes, he said something about wanting to have a bit of fun with the graphics, and mentioned disappointment that "the earth is being concreted over at an alarming rate." He also uses the phrase "old friend" way too many times when mentioning Ringo and Eric Clapton, who were session artists for the album. Is it absolutely necessary that people, no matter how good they were at one point, get lamer as they age?