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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Spiral Starecase

I've updated the "Essays" section with part one of an essay I wrote earlier this year on relationships called "Romance and Realism." Part one tells the story of me and my girlfriend from eighth grade, but part two later leads to less personal exploration on love and romanticism.

In a discussion over the war in Iraq, I told a friend of mine that the mission "just seems like it's a huge waste of resources when we could've been being more productive (catching terrorists, instead of breeding them)." He frowned at that idea, and said that I should be "smarter than that."

Regarding my statement, I read an article ("When deadly force bumps into hearts and minds") in last week's Economist about America's presence in Iraq. Very discouraging. Most discouraging of all is this:

"The town's [Baij] English-speaking former mayor, Abdullah Fahad, was frank about the town's allegiances. "There are terrorists here, not from Syria, not from Mosul, but from Baij. Some are Baathists and some are Islamists and before they hated each other but now they work together, and they tell people that if they don't work with them they will kill them."" (32)

The article is much more descriptive than I will be here, but it gives some evidence to the very kind of thing that prompted me to make my original comment.

It seems to me that in the confusion and disaster that US troops are trying to control, they (the individual troops) are reaching the end of their collective ropes and end up creating the kinds of situations that they want to avoid.


Blogger Ben said...

Good job on the Romance and Realism essay. What were you angry about that you wanted to hang out with headbangers? Did that play into the passion of the relationship with Julie? Have you seen Solaris? Who is your "Rheya"?

11:18 PM  
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