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Friday, January 28, 2005

Stop Making Sense

In a story that is both unimportant (to me) and only relevant because it's slightly funny, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Judy Sgro, was booted out of her job after allegations of accepting favors in return for "Stay-In-Canada-Free Cards."

From The Economist:

Ms Sgro had been under fire since November, when it was revealed that she had issued a permit to a Romanian woman who had worked on her election campaign. To the prurient delight of the opposition, the woman was a stripper who had come to Canada in 2003 (along with 552 other Romanian women) under a special programme to fill a shortage of labour in the “exotic-dancing” business.


[A restuarant owner] claimed that Ms Sgro had promised him a permit if he provided free pizzas and volunteer staff to her office during the election campaign.

Imagine the ensuing phone call:

"Hello, Romania? Judy Sgro here. How's it going. Great! Listen, you got any more of those fantastic strippers you guys are bragging about? We'll need about twelve hundred of them--we've just got a major shortage here. You do? Great, send them right over, I'll pick them up in my mini-van. What's that? What'll they eat? Well, I know this guy who owns a pizza parlor..."