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Friday, February 25, 2005

I remembered a conversation to Lan we had about religion during a road trip to Missouri.

"Remember that? When we ate at--what's that shitty Southern restaurant that you love so much?"

If he had been eating pretty much anything, and that includes a roast beef sandwich, it would've shot out of his nose.

"BRAUM'S! Or something! Or are you talking about Cracker Barrel?"

"Cracker Barrel!" I said. "But Braum's, the ice cream place! Remember that?"

"It's not shitty! But Braum's--"

"That waitress looked like she wanted to kill herself."

I am not exaggerating. This was a chain of ice creameries that exists, as far as I know, only in the rural South. It was filled with only the most unsightly and shoeless customers in the area, and the staff looked as if they'd spent recent days ingesting TV dinners and/or being beaten by their husbands. Good ice cream though.