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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I've developed a habit of answering people I disagree with in an over-the-top manner that either agrees or disagrees with their opinion in such a fashion that they are unable to determine if I'm serious or not.

"How did your date go with that girl?" asked my roommate.

"Not much to tell. We saw Finding Neverland."

"Let me guess," she mused. "She started gushing about how hot Johnny Depp was and it made you feel insecure."

"Ha ha," I laughed. "Actually, I agreed with her, and we spent the remaining hours after the movie debating whose cock we'd rather suck--Johnny Depp's or Viggo Mortensen's."

"Right," she said, making a face.

On another occasion, I debated the placement of the espresso machine with a bossy co-worker.

"I think it would be a really bad idea to move the coffee machine," she said. "It looks so much better over here."

"I disagree," I told her. "Moving this coffee machine would probably be the pinnacle in human civilization, and that includes modern medicine and travel."

"Well I still think it looks better here," she said.


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