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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Scene 1, in which Larry & Mike attempt to explain a role-playing game to a semi-attractive female. Chris and Ralph look on:

Mike: You see Samantha, Magic: The Gathering is an exercise in complicated game theory that deals mostly in strategies using math. . .

Ralph: That's not what it says on the box--see, it says that it's a game "set in a post-apocalyptic world in which you play different characters (wizards, elves, dragons, etc.) against each other."

(Here, the collective screams of anguish are heard from all the RPG players around the world whose hopes were riding on the ability of Larry and Mike to describe the game to a semi-attractive female without sounding nerdy.)

Samantha: Did you hear something?

Larry: Uh, no.

Ralph: These guys are squaresville, baby. Now let me tell you about a real man's game--Risk!

Mike: (muttering to himself) Our face. . . compromised. . . in front of semi-attractive female. . .

Moral: There's probably no cool way to explain RPGs to girls.