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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Breakin' Loose

When I was about ten years old, I made up a power-rock/pop-metal ballad in the style of Bon Jovi called "Breakin' Loose". The chorus went like this:
Breakin' loose!
You're never gonna stop me now!
Breakin' loose!
Through the chains that hold me down!
Breakin' loose!
I'm goin' all the way!
Breakin' loose!
(Silence, and then a heavy four-count bass drum here while the pressure builds up)
Breee-aaaaaaa-eeeaaa-kin' looooooose!

My parents put together a box of old clothes that my sister and I used to play dress-up when we were younger: old dresses, old suits, ties, big hats, jewelery, glasses, etc. Often, when I sang "Breakin' Loose" to myself, I would lie on my back and take this extremely long (like six feet long when unclasped--it was one of those rope necklaces) necklace with tiny red beads of my mother's from the box, wrap it around my hands and kick it with my feet so that when it broke, the beads would fly all over the room. I would do this when I sang the "breakin' loose" part of the chorus. I thought it looked pretty cool when all the beads flew around the room; it was the exact image that I thought of when I made up the song. In fact, I couldn't think of a better effect, you know, for the video, than the flying beads, unless it was breaking glass, which I wasn't ready to try just yet.

After I got through the necklace, I cleaned a bunch of it up, but there were still hundreds of little beads in places I never thought to look. One day, when my mom was helping me clean my room, she asked

"Where did all these little beads come from?"

"I don't know," I said.


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