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Monday, March 14, 2005

Every week when I get my pay stub at work, I find that he's left a different note for the staff to read. Here are several:
1/31/05: Big brother is coming soon!!! Its (sic) called the silent witness (sic) and we think it will help us run things more efficiently.

2/6/05: Big brother is in a week now and proving to be a valuable tool, (sic) already had cause to look up some issues.

Great Staff (sic) means great service, (sic) lets (sic) make sure we keep it consistant (sic) and thats (sic) how we get repeat business, (sic) hope you all enjoyed Stat days (sic), a long time before the next one YE HA.................................(uh, sic)

2/13/05: Big weekend ahead and a chance to prove that we are great at Hospitality (sic) and lets look after overseas guests (sic). Young Rich Farmers (sic) from all around the world.

Looking at Monday 21st Feb to be our possible evening out at Happy Valley, expect to see everybody sharp the next day

2/20/05: Hope you all enjoy your evening @ Happy Valley, (sic) this is a great example of the rewards that working as a team can achieve.

Don't plan anything for March 17th because you are working.

2/28/05: Be warned!!!!!!! I am going to drill into all hours in both departments Bar and Kitchen (sic) and will want to see lots of productivity all the times (sic).

I wish I hadn't thrown away some of my other pay stubs, because they're even better than these. I mean, grammar, spelling, and punctuation aside, the things he says are just creepy and unhelpful. Good luck, weirdo!


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