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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Rapsodie espagnole

About once every three weeks or so, my boss gets drunk at work and asks me to drive him home. I have mixed feelings about this.

He lives two towns away, so it's kind of a long drive, and out of my way. However, he generally asks me when I'm still working, so I'm getting paid for driving, which means that I get to sit down, which is better than being on my feet, cleaning the coffee machine or the beer taps. But the other day he asked me to take him home after we'd closed, which meant that he was cutting into my personal time, which made me reluctant to agree.

It's weird--every time I get the sense that I'm doing something I'd rather not do, I get really impatient and frustrated.

"I should be fucking (reading/writing/watching a film/cooking/working out) right now," I think to myself. Those are the things that I'd prefer to do in almost any situation, so when I get into conversations with annoying or stupid (or both) people, or find myself in the situation in which I'm not enjoying myself, or driving my damn boss home on my own time, I get really annoyed.

I don't think many people understand this, because time is often worthless to many people, who spend it getting drunk, or not being productive by any measure, and couldn't care less about what they do. People are free to do what they want with their time; it's when they start taking my time that I get upset.

I talked to my boss the next day and made sure that I was paid for the time it took me to drop him off at home.


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