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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I couldn't figure the girl out. There were times when she seemed interested in me, and I thought I'd made it clear that I was interested in her, but for whatever reason, every time I approached her to make conversation or hung out with her, she seemed distant and uninterested.

Finally, we were hanging out together one evening when she'd had too much to drink.

"You can't be nice to me," she slurred. "If you're nice to me, then I won't like you."

So that was it. When I was nice, it was a turn-off. When I ignored her, poked fun at her, or behaved indifferently, she found herself drawn to me. I was surprised that she knew herself well enough to recognize that in her--most people who hate themselves deny it externally, or haven't admitted it to themselves. But what was I supposed to do with that? I wasn't really interested in a girl who didn't respect herself enough to let a guy be "nice" to her, but I wondered--if I started being mean to her or ignored her, would she think that I was just heeding her advice and be more attracted to me, or would we be rid of each other?

I decided to perform an experiment. The next words out of my mouth:

"I never told you this before, but you really stink."


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