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Saturday, September 03, 2005

I Haven't Left the House Today, But I'm Kind of Afraid to Check

On the way out last night, a couple of us in the car noticed that the price of gas had gone up since that afternoon.

"$2.89!" MB exclaimed. "That's like twelve cents higher than it was this afternoon!"

We played poker for five hours or so, and on the way home, observed that prices had risen again since the time we'd been playing to $3.09 per gallon.

"Do you think hybrids will start to be recognized as a valuable investment?" Lan asked.

"What are you, some kind of hippie?" I said.


Blogger Orange Fortune said...

hi. i'm cathrine. or orange if you want. i like your blog. i thinks it's funny. i like your music taste. it's nice. i think i will continue to read your blog if that's ok with you.

3:11 PM  
Blogger drogidy said...


I found your blog by tracking down those jerks who write spam comments in our blogs with links to their marketing sites. They got me so annoyed I've been tracking them down and writing to all their victims to encourage you to write to Blogger and complain about them. You've enabled your Word Verification, I see, but it's not enough. If you get any more spam, let Blogger know. With enough people writing we can stop this. Please, don't ignore them. Have your say. Otherwise they're going to deluge all our blogs with their drivel, and real readers won't post comments ever again.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

i was in atlanta this weekend hanging out with my little sister.. the day i got there gas was freaking $5 a gallon! i immediately shaved my head into a mohawk, sharpened my front teeth, put on black football shoulderpads with metal spikes on them, and started talking in a rough australian accent.

i felt like a real idiot when the gas went back down to $3/gal the next day.

5:48 PM  
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