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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Everyone knows that Christmas is every cat's favorite holiday second to Hooray for Cats! day, which is celebrated Catuary cateenth each year. It is for this reason that I wasn't surprised to learn about a fantastic new album that should, if it has not already, find a spot on every family's CD rack.

The album is Meowy Christmas, and the artist is the critically-acclaimed Jingle Cats.

See what people who bought this album are saying! M.L. Smith, from Florida, says:
This CD will have old and young alike laughing,dancing and singing along with this wonderful CD! This CD will make you forget all your troubles and worries,and put a huge grin on your face!
I am not making this up!


Blogger Ben said...

Shit... I really think I need that CD. All my troubles? Shit...

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have their 1st album -- "here comes santa claws" -- dubbed on tape. a classic for sure.

the single "white christmas" has the greatest music video of all time. a looped shot of a cat 'dancing' (more like batting at a ball on a string).

and back-up dog vocals!

it's HI-larious and always got airplay on much music at xmas (canada's version of MTV). have you ever seen it??



11:30 PM  

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