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Saturday, November 12, 2005

"If I were to be reincarnated, I'd like to come back as a monkey," said one of my co-workers the other day.

"What the hell? If I were reincarnated I'd like to come back as an ultra-hedonistic millionaire rapper, and I'd live my life in hotel suites, banging models and drinking Moet and Courvoisier, and not knowing the difference between my life and the real world. My name would be Hedon, and it would be pronounced 'Hee-Dawn.' Isn't that better than being a monkey?"

"Uh--no, I don't think I'd want to do that."

"That's fine. Enjoy your bananas, I'll be putting the wood on that hot Brazilian girl from the Victoria's Secret catalog."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were a hedonist rapper, wouldn't it just be "He-dawn" or "Hee-dawn" or "Huedone" or "Ouidonn?" Man, these are fun.


11:08 AM  

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