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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yesterday, as I was leaving my house for work, I noticed that someone had placed a small but still-useful bookshelf outside by the dumpster in the alleyway.

'Sweet,' I thought. 'I could use that bookcase.'

So I closed the door to my apartment and approached the gate that separates the apartment complex from the dumpster. The lock on the gate is kind of tricky, but I was patient with it because I knew that it would only be a few seconds until I had my free bookcase.

Suddenly, a crappy old pickup truck filled with garbage pulled up and stopped in front of the dumpster. An old guy in a baseball cap got out and went immediately to the bookshelf and began inspecting it.

"Hey!" I yelled out. "Hey!"

Where did this guy come from, anyway? Does he just drive around alleyways hoping to find discarded furniture? He looked up at me and then ignored me. I began frantically trying to work the lock so I could go over to him and explain that while I know I didn't get to it first, I saw it first, and I wanted it first. Instead he picked up the bookcase and put it in his truck, and then drove away while I sat there jiggling the handle to the gate. Some things just weren't meant to be.


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