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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Well, it took me two years, but I got 1000 Myspace profile views. A female friend had this to say in response:

"haha 2 months and im at 1610. hahahahahahaha"

The truth that this illustrates is that Myspace is basically a tool for shitty bands to pester you with, and for girls to feel good about themselves. I mean, I would spend a lot more time on it if I were getting propositioned by hot girls on the hour.

A lot of guys have already noticed the inequality amongst guys/girls on Myspace. From Joey Honey's Myspace blog:

Ok, so I go to the MySpace search thing.

I set in all my search criterion, Straight, Single, Women, Catholic, 23~31 years old, 20 miles proximity, not a moron, not a fatty, and click search: 64 profiles matching. Cool.

As an expiriment, I change "Women" to "Men". "Let's see who I'm competing against..."

253 profiles.


Well, I'm a 98th percentile kinda guy, so, there's really only 5.06 guys I'm competing against.

But, then again, I want a 98th percentile kinda girl, meaning that us 5.06 guys are vying for the attention of 1.28 girls.

5.06-1.28 = 3.78

So, 3.78 of you dudes are going to be stuck out, y'all might want to consider widening your search parameters. Why wouldn't you date a fat girl, are you shallow or something?

The conlcusion I've come to is that I'm far too good-looking to be meeting girls online.


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