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Sunday, January 01, 2006

"Here's a hypothetical situation," I began to a co-worker. "You're dating someone, and you think you really like them. But they smoke, and you can't handle that. You know it would be impossible to continue seeing them if they were a smoker. Do you ask them to stop smoking?"

"Sounds like you're very controlling," the co-worker said. "You can't control what everyone does."

"But it's an objectively harmful thing," I reasoned. "There's a good chance it will eventually kill her. And besides, it's a hypothetical situation."

"If some guy tried to tell me to quit smoking, I'd kick him to the curb. I do what I want!"

"Alright, another hypothetical situation: You're dating a guy, and you really really like him. He's really cool, and everything in the relationship is going great. But the only problem is that he's got a speed addiction. Or a meth addiction. Or something. Do you tell him to quit?"

"Hell yeah, that shit's fucked up."

"My my my! Look how controlling you become when the drug changes!"


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