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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friends and Lovers (Part One)

It all started pretty innocently. My friend Robin posted an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to adopt her pit bull puppy, Odin. She got several calls, including one from a man who told her that he was looking for a pit bull for his wife.

"The man she spreads her legs for has one, and I thought I might get one all for her," he said.

Robin ignored the comment and talked only about the dog. The man gave Robin his wife's e-mail address, and asked if she would send her some pictures to see if she was interested. Their correspondence begins below.

From: Robin
To: Tami
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006
Subject: Odin

Here are some pics of my boy. He's even prettier in
real life if you can imagine that. Let me know what
you think.


From: Tami
To: Robin
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006
Subject: Re: Odin

I saw the pix of your dog Odin, and I think my husband talked with you this morning about him. How big were his parents? Do u have pix of the parents? I have a friend that has a pitbull and I'll prob be over at his place later tonight and maybe I can bring him sometime to see your puppy! I can think of a billion things to ask but I just read ur Cragslist ad and it sounds like he's good.



From: Robin
To: Tami
Date: 4 Feb 2006
Subject: Re: Re: Odin


I have a picture of his mom that was in the shelter. She is more petite than Odin is and she weighed about 40-45lbs. She had a good temperment and she was adopted out. I know nothing about his father, I am not even sure he was 100% pit bull, I just know that Odin looks mostly pit bull. Feel free to ask if you think of any more questions, I will be glad to tell you everything I know about him. If you are interested in meeting him let me know. He is such a good dog, I just want to find a good home for him where he can finally have some stability in his life.



From: Tami
To: Robin
Date 4 Feb, 2006
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Odin


It's kinda late tonight and I'm at my friends. He wants to stay in tonight and we're kinda involved having fun ... so tonight won't work. My friend thinks your dog is 100% pit and we both think he's awesome looking. I've been around dogs off and on
all my life but haven't had one for several years and I've been wanting a pet of some kind. I dont really want a cat but I've been debating between a dog and a snake!

Another friend has a really beautiful snake but I cant get my husband to agree
to that. My hubby is sweet and wants me to have a dog! My friend's pit is a girl but I want a boy dog but not to breed so I'll probly get your dog fixed when I can find a vet. I think that cuts down on agression? Does your dog hump things? What does
ur dog prefer eating?

Maybe we can get together sometime and I can bring my friend to see ur dog! I better get back to playin! Have an awesome night!


To be concluded in Part 2.