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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friends and Lovers (Part 2)

We left off a few days into an e-mail conversation between Robin, a friend of mine who was trying to get a dog of hers adopted, and Tami, a potential adopter.

From: Robin
To: Tami
Date: 6 Feb, 2006
Subject: Meet?

Let me know when you're available. I am off today, but I have 3 tests next week I am studying for. A little hectic but I can run him down there if you want to see him today. There are lots of types of worms here. Generally, unless you suspect something, deworming him once a year when he gets his rabies shot should be often enough. He has been dewormed recently so he should be fine for a year or so. Thanks, let me know if you are up for today.

Tami didn't write back immediately, but she did respond the next day:
From: Tami
To: Robin
Subject: Re: Meet?
Date: 7 Feb, 2006


I'm sorry that we couldnt make it last night. My friend never got here until almost 9pm and that was too late to even think about dogs so we just stayed in and *&%#@ !! So it was great from that view but not for seeing Odin so I hope you got lotsa studying done and feel good bout your testes! Maybe this weekend will be OK to get together. Do you ever go to the clubs in downtown Austin? I've been down to 4th/5th etc a few times and I'm thinking bout going down there tonight, or at least this weekend. I think I wanna go without Brian and maybe check out the Texas man inventory! hehehe There's a girl I met last weekend that I think would be lotsa fun to hang out with an we chatted on IM ... so that might be awesome! Any suggestions for the fun clubs (if you know any)? Ever time Brian is here... I feel so much closer to Roxie and thnk of Odin! have a great day!
There were a few e-mails of little interest between Tami and Robin after that conversation, but none of them ever resulted in Tami seeing the dog. Robin eventually adopted the dog out to someone else.

To: Tami
From: Robin
27 Feb, 2006
Subject: Re: Re: Meet?

Hi Robin,

I had a voicemail from my hubby that you had the dog (Odin) and only adopted him out very recently :(

I'm sooooooo sorry, cuz i got kinda busy while he was outa town and I thought you were meeting with someone else and had already rehomed him. I think I misunderstood but I hope he's with a good home. On another note, I think I have now made it to all the clubs downtown that you mentioned :) and overall I've had a fabulous time! thanks for the advice


From: Robin
To: Tami
27 Feb, 2006
Subject: Hey


Yeah..I found a good home for him and everything is going really well with them. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned all of the cats I was fostering also, but I have found homes 3 out of 5 of them too....a good few weeks! I'm glad ya had a good time downtown. Take care!
When she called Tami's husband to let him know, he mentioned that Tami told him that she had been "hanging out with Robin a lot lately."

"I've never met your wife," Robin told him.

"What do you think she's been doing then?" he wanted to know.

"I'm not sure."

Finally though, it seemed as if the bizarre conversation had come to a halt. But Tami sent two final e-mails that topped it all off:
From: Tami
To: Robin
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006
Subject: Re: Hey


You sure have a lot of pets! We're not really cat people even though it would work ok for our condo. I was visiting my friend with the python and that's still kinda exotic and exciting for me... and he's a good %&$# so I'm still considering getting something like that... but a dog would be more fun for J.

BTW, I think I need to say "thanks" to you cuz J's voicemail seemed happy about talking with you and it didn't sound like you told him anything 'bout me fucking so much when he was gone! THANKS! He isn't really the jealous type, but he for sure would have asked me about it... and probly about details if he had known. It wouldn't have been a big prob, but sometimes its easier not to tell the hole truth!

OMG, I've had sooooooo much fun since we moved down here :) I was at a place called the Blind Pig last night and it was a lot of fun. Have you been there? I think it was on 6th and I met some boyz there and had a huge time! The bars are a lot more fun here than in Seattle, but some other things were more fun up there, AND I have yet to meet anyone that's really really big... so i miss that too a little. J gets home this afternoon so tonight will probly just be low key ... dinner, playing, etc! Hey, have you ever been to Darwin's on 6th? I laughed cuz before SEattle we lived in Anchorage and there is a dive up there called Darwin's Theory. I mean totally a dive... but sooooo fun! The owner has a scrapbook of all the titties of girls that would lift their shirts for a pic.... its thousands! Mine were on like page 623, I think... it was soooo funny.... it was like a thing of noteriety to have your tits in his book :)
Hey do u have myspace? I have the same ID there but haven't updated my profile there in months, and not many pics... I have a huge pic album on my yahoo ID, I can send ya an invite to see cuz they're protected... but please don't tell J cuz he doesn't know bout them (some are a little naughty!). K, I better clean up my messy home
"What was weird to me about this one is that she thanked me for not telling her husband that she was fucking around on him--her husband was the first one to tell me that she was. I don't know why she thought I was trying to protect her. It was just weird."

The icing on the cake was the photo album she later sent:

Click the photo to go to Tami's photo album.

Note: This photo album appeals to the prurient interest, depicts sex in a patently offensive way, and lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.


Blogger Cibbuano said...


A deeply disturbing series of events, one that is fantastically explored by that series of emails, and topped off, like a bright cherry, by that photo album.

Oh, that poor husband. You should send him the link. I feel sorry for him.

That girl likes some big ol' dick.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Blight said...

Yes, yes she does.

That one guy could be a porn star. Or at least part of him could be.

Personally I don't think I'd want anyone else's business that close to my own.

7:26 PM  
Blogger D to tha L I C T said...

Haha. I originally thought the post was too long to read ... but I'm glad I did. That's some good times. Gotta love the double entendres.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Cibbuano said...

I read it again, and it's still amusing.

Ah, good times.

Too bad you couldn't have a job where you flush out nutcases on Craigslist. There's gotta be millions of them...

6:27 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Two observations: The husband undoubtedly knows and approves of his wife's actions. He's a cuckhold, and he's lovin' it.


pru·ri·ent ADJECTIVE:

Inordinately interested in matters of sex; lascivious.

Characterized by an inordinate interest in sex: prurient thoughts.
Arousing or appealing to an inordinate interest in sex: prurient literature.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Blight said...

It's interesting how many letters prurient has in common with puritan.


//got nothin'

6:23 PM  

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