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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I recently had the idea to write a romantic-comedy film script called Girlfriend in a Coma. The movie, based on the Smiths song of the same name, would begin with several scenes depicting a young attractive couple in a passionate relationship.

"There are times when I could murder her!" the young man, played by Ryan Reynolds, would say. The couple are in love, but are also so headstrong that they sometimes want to murder each other. But the scenes would also show how their passions translate into other areas as well. Areas like the bedroom.

Soon, the young woman, played by Amy Smart, falls into a coma somehow. Perhaps she's hit by a trolley.

The film would build to a climax as Ryan Reynolds's character paces in frustration while a voice-over wonders if she'll pull through, and remembers that there were times when he could have strangled her. Finally, he decides to leave the city to escape the misery of his girlfriend being in a coma. He stops by the hospital to say goodbye to her, despite her being unable to hear him, as she is in a coma. In a tearful monologue, he says his goodbyes, but she suddenly wakes up. As she does, the title song fades in, and the couple begins kissing passionately on the hospital bed.

The final scene would be of Reynolds and Smart checking out of the hospital together. The audience would be led to think that things are going to work out after all, but then Amy Smart's character would say something particularly sassy, and Ryan Reynolds gives the camera a look as if to say "Here we go again!" which would leave the movie open to sequel opportunities.

Unfortunately, if I were to write such a film script, I would almost certainly have to share the royalties with Douglas Copeland, who actually did write this story, with the same name, in a novel.


Blogger Ben said...

That sounds a little like Eternal Sunshine, psychologically speaking.

It's really serious.

6:30 PM  

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