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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's easy for children to get the impression that adults have it all figured out, and it's easy for them to see that there's a lot they don't know (after all, they learn, they're just kids). Conversely, teenagers often feel like they know everything, and nobody else knows what they’re talking about. Most young adults go through a period when they realize they know nothing. But by the time adulthood arrives, their lives become less surprising, and they become more confident in their routines and appear to "have it all figured out." Most adults, of course, really don’t have much figured out at all, and it’s only in comparison with other people who don’t know much and children that they seem to have a firm grip on things. I imagine that there’s another stage still (possibly "lucid old age" I guess) in which people actually know more than the average adult and also realize how little they know. As wise as these people seem to clueless adults, young adults, the occasional adolescent, and children, the truth is that they're still pretty lost overall.1

Sometimes realizing that nobody really knows anything is pretty disappointing. I suppose that's part of the fascination with watching an expert or professional at work. (It is for me at least.) It's a chance to see someone display the best of what the world has in ______. Those experts and professionals, of course, sacrifice knowing everything else in the world to become as great as they are in their field. It's still a joy to watch them though; it’s nice to imagine that there are some people out there who have answers, even if it's only for a moment.

1Although they're usually wise enough to know that not "having it all figured out" doesn't really matter as long as they've got the basics covered.


Blogger Cibbuano said...

then you'd be amazed at how 'expertly' I look at internet pornography!

no, you can't watch. It's kind of a solo sport.

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