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Saturday, June 24, 2006

At Best Buy yesterday with my male friend GG, I ran into a former co-worker. We caught up for a few minutes, and I introduced GG.

"So are you seeing anyone right now?" the FCW asked me after telling me all about her boyfriend.

HA and I met in my recent writing class, the same place GG and I met. So I started the story, "GG and I met in a class I took last semester . . . "

Her eyes kind of bugged out, and I realized what it sounded like I was saying.

"Wait--GG and I aren't seeing each other, I'm just saying that I met him the same place I met the girl I'm seeing."

"Oh, ha ha," the FCW laughed weirdly.

"Ha ha," laughed GG.

"Ha ha."

Later when she found me getting a blowjob from the bearded DVD-section manager in the TV on DVD section, I found things a little tougher to explain.


Blogger Ben said...

"Hey, that's us there on the big screen, hey! Haha!"

People always do crazy stuff when you put a camera on them. I like to make crazy faces.

5:41 PM  
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