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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick is resigning, but not, it would seem, as part of Bush's cleaning house.

"I've accomplished what I set out to do, and it's time to step down," he said.

CNN reports that Zoellick "has been the administration's leading diplomat handling the volatile situation in Sudan's western Darfur region . . ."

So I guess we can assume everything is OK in Darfur? Let's just do a quick Google search . . . hey! The LA Times reports that everything's not OK in Darfur! What's going on here? Why is Zoellick retiring? Where is he going?

From CNN: "Zoellick, who served six years in the Bush administration, said he would join the Wall Street investment house Goldman Sachs Group Inc."

Oh. Well, OK then. But wasn't there someone else in the Bush Administration that had something to do with Goldman Sachs? Who was that? I can't remember . . .

But we do know that Zoellick was hoping to be promoted to treasury secretary. Maybe he's upset about not getting that job. Say, who did get that job?

Oh! I remember now! It was Goldman Sachs executive Henry Paulson! Are they like, switching jobs?

No telling whether this has anything to do with the outrageous scandal involving the president cheating on Mrs. Bush with Condoleezza Rice, which has been reported in such reputable sources such as blogs and tabloids. My guess is that Zoellick was sick of passing notes between the two of them.