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Friday, June 02, 2006

Unfortunately, you can't always say everything you want. For example:

Today, it was discovered that I made an egregious error at work about six weeks ago.1 My boss chewed me out about it for a good five minutes, and at the end of it, I felt like total shit.

TS, a co-worker, approached me as I lie crumpled at my desk immediately afterward. "Hey, what exactly did you do to get her so fired up? She really had a bee in her bonnet!"

What I wish I could have said: "TS, you tactless dolt, leave me the fuck alone. (Mace TS.)"

What I said: (Curt explanation of what I did, and then turn away promptly.)

1The error was huge, and was committed by another co-worker also. This makes me think there could be another answer for the problem other than my own idiocy.2

2Like some sort of magic.


Blogger Ben said...

Idiocy? I have never seen you display any sort of idiocy. It's witchcraft, I am certain of it.

"Bitches be puttin period blood in stew, don't that make the stew witches' brew? (True.)"

11:00 AM  

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