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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Stephen Colbert's Word last night was "Ecu-Menace." Colbert centered the segment on criticizing the Pope for being too ecumenical/nice to Muslims. It was pretty funny, albeit potentially shocking, and at one point I turned to ES and told her that Colbert was a superstar in the Catholic world.1

"Really?" she said. "Won't they be mad at him for saying all that?"

"I dunno. I get the feeling they'd let him get away with it. He's only joking."

"Still . . . "

When Ben mentioned the segment to me today, I related the conversation to him.

"Clowning the Church is one of Catholicism's great traditions," he said. "Colbert may be a jester, and I definitely don't think he shares the same straight-down-the-line orthodoxy as perhaps I do, but I feel that he is, in the end, one of us. I think this one-of-us-ness is the main factor behind Colbert's HUGE popularity in the Catholic blog world."

I was reminded of several parallels:

- Black people can call each other the N word, but white people cannot.
- I may complain about my family, but you may not.
- The Godfather, which proves itself once again as relevant in every single part of life:
. . .

CARLO [Connie's husband, but still an outsider] (to Sonny)

I knew that was gonna happen soon as they started makin' big money.

SONNY (background, to Carlo)



Well Papa never talked business at the table, and in front of the kids.


Hey shut up, Connie, when Sonny's talking...


Hey, don't you ever tell her to shut up--you got that?



MAMA (to Sonny)

Santino ... don't interfere.


Hey look, Sonny, Tom--I'd like to talk to you maybe after dinner. I could be doing a lot more for the Family.


We don't discuss business at the table.

1According to Ben, who is Catholic.


Blogger Ben said...

Indeed. Catholics can call other Catholics the N-word, but white people cannot.

Also, listen to my new track on Joey Honey, my ni.. I mean... friend.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Cibbuano said...

I'm trying to get my own 'nigga' thing going by calling other brown people 'Paki', but I just get a lot of hurt faces.

'Pakis are broke these days' just doesn't have the same ring to it...

7:44 PM  

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