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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Prologue: I've been reading a lot about Israel/Palestine over the last couple of days.

"One thing that struck me about all of this," I told EAS, is that despite the fact that Israel is infinitely better equipped, has more money, is more modernized, and is a more cohesive nation, they have never been able to claim a decisive victory, and have in fact lost ground since all this started."

"It's the same basic lesson as in Vietnam," she said. "Even the most capable army can't win against a strong force of loosely-knit guerrilla soldiers."

"It certainly makes me draw parallels to what's going on right now. I started thinking, 'What if Israel-Palestine is the best we can hope for in Iraq?' Ugh, if that's the best we can hope for, then let's get the hell out of there and just let the CIA fight this thing."

"Except that's totally wrong, and the CIA is inept."1


Epilogue: My girlfriend may be a terrorist.

1It's not pretty, but if I were a military strategist, I'd probably want to explore scenarios for this option. Anyone have any ideas on this, and why it wouldn't make more sense than "the surge"? (Aside from a PR/legal standpoint.)2

2Those two things are basically the same anyway.


Blogger Ben said...

Have you been reading It's awesome.

"Even the most capable army can't win against a strong force of loosely-knit guerrilla soldiers."

The unsaid assumption there is that the capable army is from a nation that values human life and doesn't want to kill more that necessary. The fundamental assumption of the guerilla is that the army against which he battles has the decency not to kill all the children he hides behind.

If you don't care about innocent life, it's not at all hard to end a guerilla uprising: Bomb every single city that harbors them, or, kill every single person that even looks like they might be a guerilla. China has seperatist Islamic guerillas in their Western provinces, but they haven't had significant trouble from them. The Chinese army just kills them all.

Anyway, it's all PR. Every war that the West fights is all PR. That is why the West will never, in the eyes of the world, win another war. If it looks like we're winning, they will change the rules of what "winning" means. And by "they" I mostly mean "we". In other words, we talk ourselves into defeat.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Cibbuano said...

zane, I've already tipped off the CIA to your girlfriend's questionable morals.

Ben, that's a good idea, indiscriminate killing.

Actually, I think the eventual plan for Iraq is to keep increasing numbers of soldiers until most of the American population has been relocated. Then it's open plains for all the CEOs and politicians. Ah!

12:19 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Aussie goon, I was being absurd. Of COURSE indiscriminate killing is wrong. I was trying to show that if Israel or the USA was really as bad as people say, we would have zero problems wiping out our enemies.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Cibbuano said...

Ben, being absurd is just another way of talking yourself into defeat.

10:17 PM  

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