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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Although I work among some very smart people, I’m often surprised that some of them haven't been weeded out through some sort of natural selection.

Having been on vacation last week, I didn’t have the opportunity to put my hours into the time-keeping system and had to fax them rather than enter them online. A co-worker, SF, had the same problem, but was having difficulty with using the fax machine.

“Does this look right to you, Chris?” She presented her cover sheet. “What do I put here?” She pointed to the blank with the word “Phone” behind it.

“I’d probably go ahead and put your phone number there.”

“Right. What about here? Is this OK?” She pointed to the blank labeled “Fax.”

“That’s for our fax number.”

“OK. And what about this?” Two blanks, one labeled “Number of page(s) – including cover sheet: ___” and “Employee Name(s):.”

“Ah, just the number of pages and your name, I think.”

“Got it. So can you show me how to use this thing? I don't have a very good relationship with fax machines.”

“I can’t imagine.”