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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Ben noted a sweet new way to feel less guilty about your white privelige called Kiva. It's that microloan thing that that Bangladeshi guy won the Nobel Prize for.

Basically, you loan money to a small business in a developing ("poor") country, they use it to invest in their business, they get rich, and you get your money back. With the interest you get in return, soon everyone will be driving Cadillacs. This screenshot from the Kiva website sums it up better than I ever could:

Pretty awesome.


Per Kiva's FAQs, you will receive no interest on your loan. The only compensation you receive is the satisfaction of helping those in need.1

1Some people would say this has "priceless" value.2
2Still others might point out that, technically, this has "worthless" value.


Blogger Ben said...

Seriously: They should somehow rig this up fantasy football style, except these fantasies make dreams come true!!1

You could put together portfolios and then compete against other investors. Then, on top of that, you could have side betting, with a percentage paid to the house, except this house can build homes! Where dreams come true!

Or, another idea, if we could somehow rig Kiva thing up to the almost limitless energy reserves of myspace ho's...

12:56 AM  

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