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Sunday, April 15, 2007

PSA: National High-Five Day


PERSON 1: Hey, did you know that the third Thursday in April is designated as "National High-Five Day (USA)"?

PERSON 2: No, I didn't. (Pauses.) What's a "high five"?

PERSON 1: (Opens dictionary) Webster's Dictionary defines a "high five" as "a slapping of upraised right hands by two people (as in celebration)." What do you say we give it a try?

PERSON 2: Right on!

(The two people attempt a high five.)

PERSON 1: Ouch! You kicked me! You kicked me right in the thigh!

VOICE-OVER: Please help spread awareness. National High-Five Week is the third week in April.

PERSON 1: That's "National High-Five Day." And it's the third Thursday in April.

PERSON 2: Hey, what day does it come on this year?

PERSON 1: I think it's the 20th; the Thursday after Tax Day.

PERSON 2: That's right! Tax Day! Oh man, I totally forgot!

PERSON 1: How can you forget that? I reminded you twice!

VOICE OVER: Tax Day is April 16th.

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