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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

ES called me yesterday when she got home from school.

"My house is part of a crime scene," she said.

I came over, and sure enough, her house was part of a crime scene. The police had blocked off about two square blocks of the neighborhood, the tape going right over her front walk. Her house even showed up in the video that was on the news.

The police only allowed us into the house by escort, and asked us not to come out unless it was absolutely necessary.

"What's going on?" ES asked.

"I can't tell you anything," the cop said.

It turned out that some lady had died in the alley right behind ES's house.

We sat inside for the rest of the night, waiting for the news, which told us pretty much what we had already pieced together.

"She's probably just sleeping," I said.

"You always say that when things are dead," ES said.

"Well, if she's not sleeping, then maybe Eli [her cat] is the only witness, and the cops will have to invent some sort of machine that can read his thoughts to solve the crime."

"Yeah, maybe."

"The end result will probably be that he has his own reality show."

"Shut up, I'm freaked out right now."

"It will be called Eli's Cool Cat Hideaway, and Eli would decide which hottie to vote out of the house each week. The losers will have to sleep in the alley with that lady."



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