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Sunday, May 06, 2007

ES wasn't feeling well today.

"I just took some medicine," she said, "so I'm feeling a little better."

"Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a quickie," I said.

"Are you serious?"

"That depends on your answer."

"I think it might be better if we wait."

"That's OK, I was just kidding anyway."


Blogger Ben said...

Whoa! Weird! Just today, about 4pm or so, I was thinking about that lyric from "Hot In Hurre" where Nelly goes "Got a friend with a pole in the basement... just kiddin', unless you're gonna do it?"

I laughed at that thought.

That must have been around the same time you were callously prompting ES to relieve your turgid boredom.

1:14 AM  
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