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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meeting people is strange. When you meet someone and a conversation begins, it's like you're touring uncharted territory. What's dangerous? What's safe? What's offensive?

Last weekend, for example, Lan introduced himself to a young woman by telling her that if she didn't watch out, she was going to get a good pounding (meaning a punch to the face, not anything lewd), and then he shook his fist at her. She responded by giggling and asking him if he wanted her to pour him a beer.

"Jesus," an onlooker said. "I didn't realize the misogynist thing worked so well."

It's just strange what people are capable of. Tonight I met a guy who introduced himself to me by telling me his college ritual: get drunk, stay out till 3, sleep till noon, miss most of your classes. I kind of felt like thanking him for setting the scene so clearly.

I mentioned these events to Lan. "I'm like a speedboat," he said. "You just gotta cut to the chase. I mean, what's she going to do, throw a drink at me? I certainly have been there before. In fact, I was there a few weeks ago."


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