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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Script for a commercial: "The Fox"

Note: I've been reading Kevin Bewersdorf's website (in the links to the right), and I'm sure it, along with helping with a recent Heinz commercial, brought this idea about.

V.O.: Do your kids have the summertime blues? (Boring music plays.)

CHILD 1: (Looking bored) Aw, man. There's nothing to do around here.

MOTHER: Go on outside and play, honey. It's a beautiful day outside!

CHILD 1: (Begrudgingly) OK.

V.O.: Summer doesn't really start unless you've got THE FOX--the most dynamic and out-of-this-world mindfuck you can imagine!

(Computer-animated image of THE FOX mascot runs around CHILD 1. Exciting rock music plays.)

CHILD 1: Hey! A fox! Aaall riiight! Now it's time for some fun! (laughs)

V.O.: Kids love THE FOX, but it's fun for children of all ages!

CHILD 1: (Playing with THE FOX) Yahoo!*

MOTHER: (Close-up) Jerry loves THE FOX, but--just between you and me--(stage whispers) I can't wait till naptime gets here!

V.O. That's right, you've got THE FOX. So say "good-bye" to the summertime blues, and say "Hello" to non-stop excitement!

V.O. (Quickly) THE FOX is not associated with Fox Media, Fox Racing Shox, any living fox, or Fox Racing.

*THE FOX is not associated with Yahoo! corporation or its subsidiaries.

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