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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I think people should spend money on things in proportion to the amount that they use them. It seems like sometimes the things we use the most we pay the least for and vice-versa. Consider:

- Bed sheets: Spend the money on the 600 thread count, it's one third of your life
- Pants: I wear some of my pants three to four times per week; good thing they all cost hundreds of dollars
- Shoes: I'm on my feet a lot, so I go out of my way to find the most comfortable shoes ever.
- Diamond rings: How often are you going to wear it? Is it worth $12,000 a finger to make your friends jealous?
- Gasoline: That's already pretty expensive; at least we use it a lot.
- Other stuff that supports my point
I saw a girl who I thought was cute, but then she turned out to have gross-looking teeth. Get them fixed, people.
One sign of a lack of fitness is when a person has cellulite on their ankle.
I ran into a student at the gym this evening that I used to teach a couple of years ago. He was always a pretty big trouble maker, but very charismatic. Hilarious and charming, but never made any effort. I'm pretty sure I had to fail him in Biology. I saw him getting water, and I called out his name and asked him what he was up to.

"Just gettin' my exercise on," he said. "I graduated and everything, and I had a little girl, then I gained some weight, but I'm back down to about 206. I had got into some trouble a while ago, and when I was in jail I got up to about 227, but now I'm back down a little. What are you doing?"

A lot of information all at once, but none of it surprised me. "Just getting in a late workout," I said. "You staying out of trouble now?" He said he was. "Well that's good," I said. "Try to keep it that way, and take care of that little girl, you hear?"

I tend to adopt the speech of the people I'm around. Anyway, it was nice to see him.

I thought several things:

- Couldn't I have done something when I was his teacher to keep him from getting into trouble and going to jail/having a kid he's probably not ready for?
- Is there some bigger point here about youth and responsibility?
- How much can any one person ever really help another to make decisions?
- Jesus, this guy is huge. He's at 206 and he can't be more than 5'10". He probably benches around 325.

I considered these thoughts. Then I thought:

- I don't think there's anything I could have done for him.
- I don't think there's really any bigger point here. Some of the kids I taught turned out awesome. Some are having a tougher time of it. There's nothing new here at all that I can see.
- As has always been said to me, you can't really help anyone unless they're ready to be helped.
- I wouldn't want to arm wrestle him.

But then, I was pretty tired. I'm not sure how well-considered any of these thoughts are.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I've set up a blog for my new job at Thunderbird Coffee! It's here. Please shower me with compliments.