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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MySpace post from Brothers and Sisters guy

A great post from a member of Brothers and Sisters (Will Courtney, I'm guessing) on "Dennis Wilson Reissued, Coldplay on Vinyl and I’m out of touch!" A great post.

Ok, so I woke up early this morning, tossing and turning in bed, because today is the day!
Dennis Wilson's PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE has finally been reissued by Legacy in a 2-disc set with the second disc devoted to the unreleased record, BAMBU.

I have been counting down the days since it was announced back in January. I have the original on vinyl plus bootlegged versions of both CDs, but finally its been remastered and BAMBU was remixed and mastered. No more crappy MP3 compression. No more 6th generation hiss. June 17th is here! While I wait for my 3 LP set on blue vinyl from Sundazed to arrive in the mail, I thought I needed to go pick up a copy on CD.

I usually go to Waterloo or Antone's for all my music purchases in Austin, but today on my way to get coffee I decided to have my girlfriend drop me off at Best Buy. I went in hoping to see it as soon as I walked in on the big "New Release" cart. Nope. Maybe a separate display with a big cutout of Dennis holding what looks like a tray in his hand with a stack of the new 2-disc set with a big banner hanging over his head stating "PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE. The greatest solo release by any Beach Boy has finally been reissued. The Masterpiece has arrived!". Ok, I knew I was kidding myself, so I went over to the "W" section. I flipped passed the WHITE STRIPES card, then WIDE SPREAD PANIC, then WILCO, then WYCLEF. Wait. Where the hell's WILSON? I went over to the music section assistant stocking all the new CDs and DVDs that had arrived earlier that morning. I told him what I was looking for. He replied, "How do you spell that?". I speak slowly as he types into the computer D-E-N-N-I-S, last name is W-I-L-S-O-N.

Sure enough, it pops up on the screen, but they don't carry it. He asked if he wanted me to check another location. I proudly responded, "No, I'll get it at Waterloo".

I walked back down the CD isle, killing time as I waited for my girlfriend. I came around the corner to find two Freshman-looking college types. The guy had longish hair growing over his ears and he had a pretty hot girlfriend and they we standing looking at the new Coldplay display case. The new album "dropped" today. I couldn't help but overhear the conversation they were having.

Here was this big display filled with the regular CDs and special deluxe, limited versions for 8 bucks more and two copies of the vinyl (kinda cool to to see at Best Buy even though I had no desire to own Coldplay on record). Anyway, the two of them were standing looking at the display case and I heard them talking to one another as the boyfriend picked up the record.

"What is it?"
"I don't know", she answered.

"You think its some sort of weird CD boxset?"
"I don"t know"
"Maybe its a calendar"
"You think I should get it? There are only 2 copies left."
"I don't know"

I couldn't fucking believe it. I mean I hear all those speeches to large crowds where someone will reference back to the "old days" when they were listening to their favorite record and the speaker will stop and say "for people who are to young to remember, we used to listen to music on these big round discs". The audience always laughs. Hardy-Har-fucking-har. I mean these two people standing there were in college or at least seniors in highschool. I leaned over to them and said, "Its vinyl, dude". He replied, "oh, cool, thanks." No shit.

As I walked away, I heard him say to his girlfriend, "what's vinyl?"

I hung my head.

I mean what have I been thinking. I am so removed from that world. Here I am in my late 20's, holding on to another time, buying only records on vinyl unless there's some new reissue like a Dennis fucking Wilson CD and my local Best Buy rep has to have me spell his name.

What is going on? Parents teach your children well. Don't forget to teach them about the good music and about the joy you felt as you held that new record album in your hands. Older brothers and older sisters, tells your siblings about The Beach Boys and how their amazing songwriter/drummer drowned in 1983 and left behind two albums that need to be heard - on vinyl.

Please! We must keep this alive. Everything good about the world is crumbling and being forgotten and left while bullshit, digitally recorded music climbs up the charts and another Home Depot is built on that beautiful meadow that used to showcase all those different types of flowers.