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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I spend a lot of time doing things, nowadays, and I find that it's a very different sensation from doing things for eight hours a day, and then doing whatever the hell you want for the remaining 16 hours.

Those remaining 16 hours used to be inevitably filled with surfing online, watching movies, writing, and reading. Doing things allows less time for that, and it's certainly changed my perspective on things.

For example:

- I spend very little time alone (which is both good and bad).
- I spend less time thinking about abstract ideas (like gender bias, class issues, religion, and philosophy).
- I have slightly more stress.
- I have to plan a day off.

And since I'm a human, I pretty much just adapt to all of it without too much complaint. But my job is badass, and that makes a difference.


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