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Monday, May 18, 2009

My feelings about writing, vis-a-vis my job:

I am oddly both more equipped and less equipped to provide insight with the written word at this point in my life. Because:

- MORE: I have a job that brings with it a good deal more "interesting" anecdotes, which could be witty and interesting to the right audience.
- MORE: The job also doesn't require intense mental scrutiny for eight to ten hours straight, which leaves me, at the end of the day, more able to think clearly. In theory.
- LESS: The job requires less mental scrutiny, which leaves my powers analysis and intellect dull and useless.
- LESS: The job also lends itself to far more social outings. Meaning: I go out and get fucked up more than I used to. Time spent drinkin' is time not spent thinkin'. I am not comfortable speculating on why people in the service industry spend most of their off time inebriated.


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