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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day four - Failed coffee trip, Rock of Ages

On Monday I made an effort to check out a bunch of different coffee shops around town. I pretty much failed. This was the first day I was on my own. Lan had to go to work, so we had a quick coffee at Oren's (a cappuccino--way too foamy) and then I set up my game plan. They didn't have any outlets at Oren's, so I tried to make my map on my phone, which didn't work out too well.

I got on the subway and rode back and forth for about 40 minutes for what should have been a ten-minute ride to Counter Culture, a coffee roasting company originally from North Carolina. Counter Culture is one of the most respected coffee roasters in the country, and I was really interested to see their setup in NYC. It turns out it's really just a training facility. I talked with a girl that worked there named Meister, who was super friendly and extremely helpful in getting to know some good coffee places to check out here in town. I promised that I'd see her again on Thursday night for the latte-art competition.

After leaving Counter Culture, I ran across the street to a place called Hill Country BBQ. Funny, right? The sign promised Lone Star, a bunch of Texas stuff, and good BBQ, so I thought I should check it out. I had a pulled beef sandwich, some mac and cheese, and a couple of Lone Stars and they were all quite good. The staff was ridiculously friendly, and we chatted about Texas, BBQ, and what to do in NYC.

From there I got a hold of Wade who was working on setting up the space for his new art gallery. Getting over there was much easier than it was to get anywhere else, and soon we were catching up over a couple of Stellas at a place nearby. It had been about five or six months since I'd seen the guy, so it was nice to hang out. We'll see more of each other this week for sure.

From there I took a cab to Manhattan to meet up with Dan and Lan because we had tickets to see Rock of Ages, a Broadway musical featuring the music of Journey, Whitesnake, Styx, Poison, etc. Before we went, though, we stopped at a food cart called Biryani Cart for some lamb wraps that were pretty great. Apparently Biryani Cart won best vendor food in 2008. I can't really validate that, but the food was pretty damn good.

Rock of Ages was awesome. It was kind of a sleeper thought--the first ten minutes seemed really cheesy and kinda dull, but after that it really took off. It was funny, exciting, and all the performances were really impressive. I have never seen a Broadway show before (well, not on Broadway), so this was a really fun experience.

After that, Lan and I trudged home through Manhattan, had a quick whiskey at the bar around the corner from his apartment, and passed out. Another great day.


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