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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day two - Rockaway Beach

(This may be a short post, because we're about to go to the Central Park Summerstage and watch The Walkmen and Dinosaur Jr.)

People in New York spend a lot of time talking about where things are and how to get there. It makes sense--the city is so big and there are so many ways to get lost. Plus, it makes you look like you're really smart and savvy. The subway does seem like it's pretty intuitive, and even if you don't know what you're doing you should be able to get around if you pay attention. People here are also a lot friendlier than pop culture would have you believe. When I got off the plane the other day a lady picked her bag up from the carousel, and her bag busted open, strewing her clothes and personal items all over the carousel and the ground. Every single person who was standing nearby grabbed something and helped her get it together. Very nice!

I woke up early yesterday, showered, dressed, and headed to the subway. Lan lives Manhattan, and it's very easy to get around by subway from here. I headed over to LiLi's--she lives in Greenpoint, which is in Brooklyn. Greenpoint is the Polish area of town, and there are all kinds of Polish stores, meat markets, signs, and people all over the place. We headed farther south to meet some of her friends who would then drive us to the beach.

I forget that many people don't drive here: When it came up in conversation with people we met on the beach they all seemed pretty impressed. The beach itself was crowded with all kinds of people, and the weather was perfect. After a few hours, we headed over to a popular taco stand and an Italian ice place--each of which were really delicious. From there we headed back to Greenpoint via car/subway and got ready for the second TV Torso show, which was at a place called Sheas Stadium.

There was this crazy art-rock-freakout band from Atlanta there called the Back Pockets that were in parts really great and really awful. TV Torso was supposed to play at 10:30 but ended up going on at 1:30 a.m. In between me and LiLi stopped at some little Mexican bakery and had a torta and a burrito, which I think made me sick later. TV Torso played about half a set--and played like men posessed--after which point we were all really exhausted so me and Lan just trudged back home and passed out.

Now time for Dinosaur Jr. and the Walkmen!

FOR THE FUTURE: I'm thinking about going to this (via Jen Hellow):