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Monday, August 09, 2010

From Scott Bedbury, the Starbucks chief marketing officer, in A New Brand World:

The Starbucks brand's core identity was less about engineering a great cup of coffee than about providing a great coffee experience. Of course, it was about providing the highest-quality coffee beans, ground correctly, brewed with the purest water, at the right temperature, and for very specific periods of time. But just as "Brand Nike" was not simply about torsion control or midsole cushioning systems but about the pleasures delivered by sports and fitness, so the Starbucks brands was about what Abraham Maslow might have called the coffee "gestalt"--the atmospherics.
Seems obvious, but it requires some understanding to arrive at this conclusion. It's easy to get focused on one particular aspect of the business, but the overall experience is what really matters--and that includes, well, everything.