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Friday, April 01, 2011

Been listening to the new Strokes album, Angles, a lot since it came out. Like First Impressions of Earth, it has its moments. At its best, it's reassuring that the band that so many of us loved ten years ago can still make songs that make us happy. At worst it seems forced--both in terms of its "hipness" and its modest experimentation.

I thought I liked it quite a bit, but then I went back and listened to Is This It, and I realized how far Angles had fallen. The best tracks on it aren't as good as the worst tracks on their first album.

But sometimes you have to experience something else in order to get back to your roots, and I guess I hope that's where go next. The question that comes to mind now is: "The Strokes are to my generation as ______ is to generations past?" There's definitely a comparison there, but I can't figure out exactly who fits the bill.